1873 – Thirteen persons met to take the first steps toward forming a German parish

 1873 –  The Presbytery formed the parish and received the name:

  "Erste Deutsche Presybterianischer Kirche zu Bethanien, Oregon"

  (First German Presbyterian Church of Bethany, Oregon)


 1874 – Land was donated upon which the church was built                                               A cemetery was established behind the church


 1874 – Jacob Wismer became first official Elder


 1885 – Land was donated to the church

            The first manse was built on this land

 1899 – Ladies Aid and Missionary Society was organized

 1904 – Dedication Service for the new church


 1908 – Retired the remaining debt on the new church

             Announced to Presbytery that the congregation had become self-supporting


 1915 – A new barn was built


 1923 – The congregation celebrated its 50th anniversary 


 1924 – The Frauenverien (Ladies Aid and Missionary Society) presented the Church with the Silver Communion Pitcher and Chalice, which are still used today

 1929 – Congregation voted to discontinue the use of the German language

 1929 – An addition was built onto the first manse

 1930 – Electricity arrived in Bethany


 1930 – A drilled well and pressure water system was added to the church and manse


 1936 – Construction on the new manse was completed his is the manse that is located just west of the third church

 1939 – The church was remodeled to enlarge the rostrum and auditorium

 1947 – Automatic oil heating systems were installed in both the church and manse

 1948 – An electric range and water heater was installed in the manse

             The Wurlitzer organ and Maas Cathedral Chimes were installed in the church

 1948 – Church’s 75th anniversary


 1955 – New sanctuary was designed and built


 1960 – Ladies Aid and Missionary Society changed its name to Bethany Presbyterian Women  

 1962 – A storm with hurricane hit the church bad

             The steeple, containing the 450-pound church bell, was blown off the second church

             An earthquake topple the chimney from the manse. Other than some frayed nerves, no other damage was noted

 1963 – Bethany reached its 90th year

 1966 – A fire destroyed the upper portion of the second church that had been used as an educational unit for the preceding eight years

 1967 – New education wing was dedicated


 1973 – Bethany celebrated its 100th Anniversary


 1973 – The building fund debt on the Education Wing had been retired


 1991 – Bethany formed the Logas program


 1970 – Bethany Youth Groups began traveling to churches throughout the western United States and Mexico


 1999 – The church bell was moved from the second church to its new home in the bell tower, which stands proudly in the courtyard of the third church

 1994 – Ground was broken for a new Christian Education Building

 1998 – The church celebrated it’s 125th Anniversary

 2000 – The Christian Education Building was dedicated to the memory of Rev. Henry Dickman

First Church ~1900
Current Church ~2021
Bell Tower ~2021