May 29th, 2020

Take a moment to open this time in prayer. Ask God to bless you as you read and reflect on the text.

Please read the book of Jude

The book of Jude is short and to the point. It is a letter addressed to all those who have been called, who are loved in God the Father and kept for Jesus Christ. In essence Jude is addressing the Church of Jesus Christ in his time and also ours. Jude feels as if he has to contend for the faith because the faith has been corrupted and perverted. He then uses some scary language to describe what will happen to people who pervert the grace of God. While this language is unsettling the goal of such language in the Bible is one of warning so that people may repent and in fact in verse twenty-two Jude instructs people to be merciful to those who doubt. While it may be natural to want to contend for the faith with strong language followers of Jesus should also be merciful in all that we do.


Please use the following questions for more reflection.

  • What warnings are found in the book of Jude that may apply to you?

  • What instructions are given in the book of Jude that you should follow?

  • How might you be more merciful to others and yourself?


Closing - Use the prayer below to end the devotion or close in prayer in your own words.

Gracious Heavenly Father, help me to be a good example of faith in Jesus Christ. When I encounter false teaching allow me to recognize that false teaching and turn away from it. Teach me to respond to all situations, people and myself with more mercy. Amen.