March 26th, 2020

Take a moment to open this time in prayer. Ask God to bless you as you read and reflect on the text.

Read 2 Samuel 12: 1 – 14

This text occurs after David committed the sin of adultery with Bathsheba and had Uriah killed. In response to this, the Lord sent Nathan the prophet to confront David with his sin. I am often amazed that Nathan actually did what God asked him to do because in confronting David he was telling the truth but also risking his life. I think that sometimes we do not want to confront the truth in our own lives and we do not want to confront others with the truth even if we confront with love. I am also struck by how David responds. He does not respond in anger but Nathan’s words convict David and he repents and then God forgives. I wonder if we did not read the story and did not know the end of the story if we would have predicted the ending of this scripture text.


Please use the following questions for more reflection.

  • Nathan is sent to confront David with the truth of David’s sin. How would you have felt if you were Nathan and God sent you to confront David? Have you ever had to confront anyone because that person did something wrong or did you choose not to confront? Has anyone ever confronted you with something that you did wrong?

  • In the passage, when confronted, David actually repents of his sin. Why is David’s response surprising? How do people often react when they are confronted by their wrongdoings or their sin? Why do people often react defensively? How have you reacted in the past? Why?

  • In the passage once David repents God takes away his sin. What does God’s reaction tell us of his character and his love for us?


Closing - Use the prayer below to end the devotion or close in prayer in your own words.

Gracious Heavenly Father, I pray that when we are confronted with our sin that we would repent. I pray that if someone confronts us with sin that we would react with grace and not defensively. I pray that if you call us to confront someone else that we would do so with words of love. God, I thank you that no matter what our sin is that when we repent you forgive us and extend grace to us. Amen.