March 21st, 2020

Take a moment to open this time in prayer. Ask God to bless you as you read and reflect on

the text.

Read Joshua 24: 14 – 15

Joshua spoke these words to the Israelites after they had come into the Promised Land

and conquered the land. He also spoke these words shortly before his death. He knew the

Israelites would be tempted to hold onto old gods and old ways and so he challenged

them to serve the Lord. In our world and in our lives we may not be challenged to

worship and serve actual idols of wood or gold but there are other gods that seek our

attention. There is the god of money, power, reputation, success and many others. Thus,

the challenge that Joshua laid before his people is still a challenge for us today and we

need to be careful and be faithful and serve the Lord.


Please use the following questions for more reflection.

  • What are the gods that we tend to serve in this world? What are other gods that tempt you?

  • Why is the temptation to serve other gods so strong? What do we learn from the fact that the people of Joshua’s day struggled to serve God only and we still have that same struggle?

  • What would it mean and what would it look like for you and your household to serve the Lord wholeheartedly?


Closing - Use the prayer below to end the devotion or close in prayer in your own words.

Gracious Heavenly Father, I confess that there are many other gods who call out to me

and tempt me in my life. Lord help me to throw away those other gods and choose every

day to serve you.