April 18th, 2020

Take a moment to open this time in prayer. Ask God to bless you as you read and reflect on the text.

Read Amos 9: 13 - 15

The verses in this passage are about the time when Israel will be restored from exile and be brought back to the Holy Land. The passage begins with, “The days are coming.” The days are also coming when life in the world and in America will return to relative normalcy and we will not feel as if we are in exile from one another. The question is, will we return to normal? Will our relationship with God and others be the same? Will we use this time to better ourselves in some way or are we just waiting and not redeeming the time? We have an opportunity at this time to slow down and do less so that we can focus on other relationships, other projects or other aspects of our life.


Please use the following questions for more reflection.

  • The phrase, “The days are coming,” implies that our present circumstances will not stay the same but change. How does this make you feel?

  • If you could alter your current circumstances in one way; what would you change?

  • What is God maybe trying to teach you in your current circumstances?


Closing - Use the prayer below to end the devotion or close in prayer in your own words.

Gracious Heavenly Father, many people often feel stuck in their lives. Right now, it seems as if the whole world is stuck. I thank you that we are not stuck and that, “The days are coming,” when the current circumstances will indeed change. Lord, help me to use this time to do something different, experience something different and with your help improve myself. Help me also to understand what you are trying to teach me and show me in this time of waiting. Amen.