April 11th, 2020

Take a moment to open this time in prayer. Ask God to bless you as you read and reflect on the text.

Read Jeremiah 1: 1 - 8

This passage contains some wonderful truths for us. First, it tells us that God formed us in the womb. Meaning that God designed who we are and what we look like. So while we may not like some of our personality characteristics and physical features – God does and we need to harness our characteristic and features to be used by God. Second, Jeremiah was set apart for a purpose and so are we. I believe that God has a plan and purpose for each of us. God’s plan for us may be intricate or it may be simple but we must still strive to carry it out. Third, sometimes God’s plan may feel overwhelming for us or even too simple and we may try to make excuses like Jeremiah but God will be with us and help us to carry out his plan for our life.


Please use the following questions for more reflection.

  • What does it mean to you that God formed you in the womb and set you apart?

  • God called Jeremiah to be a prophet – what do you think God is calling you to do?

  • What excuse have you given to God for not doing what you were called to do? In your opinion what does God think about our excuses?


Closing - Use the prayer below to end the devotion or close in prayer in your own words.

Gracious Heavenly Father, it is very assuring that you knit me together in my mother’s womb. That very thought is almost too wonderful and amazing for me to comprehend. Lord, I thank you that you have set me apart for some type of work. Lord no matter how I or others would characterize the work you have called me to do – help me to follow through on this plan and work at it with all my heart.