Fruit Pie

30-hour Famine
Pie Fundraiser

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This year, our youth are fighting global hunger by selling Willamette Valley Pies. Each pie sold will contribute to our collective effort to support World Vision in their fight against the poverty experienced across the world. Join us in fighting hunger while enjoying a delicious pie!

Fruit Pies $16

American Apple Pie 

Tart Granny Smith apples blended with just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar to give you a truly old fashioned apple pie taste

Cherry Crunch Pie

Ripe, red, plump, whole cherries are packed into a hand rolled crust then topped with a flour, sugar, butter and sliced almond crunch for a perfect combination of flavor ant texture 

Marionberry Pie

Marionberries are packed tightly to produce the delightful taste from Marion County. Add a scoop of ice cream and it will become everyone's favorite

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Tangy Rhubarb is added to mellow, sweet, red strawberries to create this wonderfully unique pie that is both tart and sweet

Artisan Pies $18

Carmel Apple Streusel Pie

Little bits of caramel and apples topped off with a streusel (ground oats, brown sugar) topping to form a crunchy and sweet combination

Lemon Silk

Real whipped cream is folded into our handmade lemon creme, poured into a baked crust & topped with freshly whipped cream. Deliciously light!

Fruit Cobbler $10

Peach Cobbler

Beautiful and tender peaches make this a naturally delicious desert anytime

Marionberry Cobbler 

This is a smaller crustless version of our pie.

Mini Pies $32

  • Handmade 5", 10-ounce pies​

  • all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, no GMO's

  • pie crusts are vegan, dairy and trans-fat free

  • available in cases of 6

  • Choose either 1) 6 mini apple pies and 6 mini marionberry pies OR 2) a variety pack (1 apple, 1 cherry, 2 marionberry, 1 peach, 1 raspberry rhubarb)